Here's what NY Times Best-Selling Author, Founder of BNI, & "The Father of Modern Networking" Dr. Ivan Misner has to say in his ENDORSEMENT of "I Hate Networking Events!"

The Father of Modern Networking & the Founder of BNI Dr. Ivan Misner

‘I Hate Networking Events!’ is the ultimate blueprint for networking success whether you’re a networking novice who feels like a fish out of water at networking functions, or a seasoned networker needing to revamp your networking strategy. The easy-to-read, condensed format of this book will not only help newbies to develop a simple, highly effective process for networking at events, it will also help the seasoned networker to refocus their approach through quantifiable networking goals. If your aim is to develop a straight-forward, measurable networking strategy that will produce powerful results, this book is a must read!”

THE Systematic Blueprint for MONETIZING all of your Networking Events! 

Plan actions BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER each event. Order your copy now!

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